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Custom Order Request " Web Nylon Bronc Halter"


Select your options ON THE LEFT
Each Option has an additional price 
I can usually find the color halter that you request
Turquoise, Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Purple, Pink, Lime, Tan
If you want a super nice halter click here to upgrade your order!
There is an extra charge for
Weaver Halters, Rustic Hardware, or the Teskeys Buck stitched (about $20 ) 
There is also a $5 each charge for plain conchos.
Rimset Bling is $2 per stone on the large ones
I do not charge for the following
Leather laced edges, Faux Buck stamp edges, Personalization
I will email you to get your particular instructions after your order comes thru. 
I have the ability to provide you with a design sketch or mockup before work begins 

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